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      TVG R28
28x14 28x14
Tower Tower 10 8
Arcs Arcs 3 2
Area Total stage area without loadingdock & ramps 49,73 x 24,83 m 49,73 x 24,83 m
Performance area 26,12 x 21,76 m 26,12 x 21,76 m
Roof overhang 3,00 m 3,00 m
Wings Wings 11,00 m 11,00 m
Outer tower 10,18 m 10,18 m
Centre 9,36 m 9,36 m
Inner tower 5,15 m 3,96 m
Clearance Clearance   15,00 m 15,00 m
Clearance centre arc 16,84 m 16,84 m
Clearance extra high 16,50 m 16,50 m
Clearance extra high centre arc 18,34 m 18,34 m
Stage floor Stage floor height 2,35 - 2,65 m 2,35 - 2,65 m
Backstorage 6 m Backstorage optional optional
Rigging Total rigging capacity depending on load distribution 96,3 t 74,3 t
Rigging capacity performance area depending on load distribution 67,5 t 45,5 t
Rigging capacity per wing 10,6 t 10,6 t
Rigging capacity per outrigger / main PA 3,8 t 3,8 t


Bühnen- und
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Jöhlinger Straße 118
D - 76356 Weingarten

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Fax: +49 - 7244 - 72 02 22