Central Europe

For three decades, Megaforce has been the cornerstone of stage construction in Central Europe, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation to numerous high-profile events.


Megaforce stages are fully available across Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. We supported major festivals and concerts, including the renowned Flow Festival and various stadium shows.

Western Europe

NEW Market: Beginning in 2024, Megaforce is intensifying its efforts in Spain and Portugal. All our large-scale stage systems will be accessible, marking a significant expansion in this vibrant region.

South East Asia

NEW Market: Our entry into Southeast Asia is marked by the deployment of the TVG I stage system. The Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong serves as our anchor event, establishing a strong presence in the region.

Latin America

Planned Market Entry: Set for 2025, Megaforce will expand into Latin America, focusing on Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico. This strategic move aims to bring our exceptional stage solutions to new audiences across the continent.

up to 17,50 m Clearance

In collaboration with Loud Music Entertainment, the Megaforce TVG I stage system is available for a variety of shows and tour stops.

Middle East

Partnering with Megaforce, AES provides the TVG I and TVG R28 stage systems, catering to the dynamic event landscape in the Middle East with reliable and impressive stage constructions.



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